About Us

Atlas, LLC is the owner and operator of TEA NEXT, Russian first dedicated Trans-Eurasian fiber-optic communication line interconnecting major Points of Presence (PoPs) in Europe and Asia through the shortest possible route in Russia. The company was founded as SPV by Rostelecom in 2020. Ready for Service in early 2026, the TEA NEXT cable system will deliver secure, low latency, high-quality connectivity from Asia to Europe. “Atlas” will provide dark optic fibers and rack space at ILA sites for international and domestic telecom operators and corporate clients. TEA NEXT is the new strategic alternative to traditional Europe-Asia subsea cables. TEA NEXT provides the most cost-effective solution for terrestrial data transmission between Europe and Asia.
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Unique routing
Most secure route, avoiding urban areas, maximising cable protection from external impact
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Low Latency Network
The first modern network crossing Russia from European borders to Far East by the shortest possible route
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Highly-efficient solutions
Vendor and carrier neutral, flexible technical solutions


Overall network plan
The route of the new fiber-optic communication line
Through the infrastructure of the European partner
Through the infrastructure of partner in Mongolia
Vladivostok - Naoetsu
Existing subsea fiber-optic line Russia - Japan Cable Network (RJCN)
Vladivostok - Busan
New submarine fiber optic line