Rostelecom and Alfa-Bank become partners for TEA NEXT project

Rostelecom and Alfa-Bank become partners for TEA NEXT project.

Rostelecom and Alfa-Bank agreed to partner for the project of  new Trans-EurAsian fiber-optic communication line TEA NEXT.

According to agreement, Alfa-Bank received the right to acquire 49.99% of shares in the Atlas LLC, which is SPV company of TEA NEXT project. 

New TEA NEXT line  with a total length of the Russian segment of about 11 thousand km, will connect the western and eastern borders of Russia with bindings to the largest cities of the country, and exits to the borders of Russia with China, Mongolia and EU and extension to subsea cables station  in  Vladivostok. Potentially  TEA NEXT will have extensions to the main traffic exchange points in the Asian region and Europe.

Based on the TEA NEXT infrastructure, it is planned to bring to the Russian market a fundamentally new set of services for leasing fiber-optic infrastructure and the necessary additional resources for organizing a new generation of backbone communication networks within the Russian Federation, as well as international transit lines between different regions of the world.

TEA NEXT customers will be able to rent dark fibers and place their own equipment at ILA sites along the cable  route.  

The project is planned to be put into operation in Phases. The first and second stages of the first Phase, with a total length of about 1,400 km, connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as an extension to the border of the Russian Federation/Latvia will be put into commercial operation in the 1st quarter of 2024, then by the end of 2025 it is planned to totally complete the first Phase and put into service connection from  Mongolia and China to Europe, and in 2026 to ensure full readiness of the entire land part of the communication line across Russia, which is part of the second Phase of construction. In parallel, the necessary infrastructure will be provided for international extensions of the lines included in the third Phase of the project.

October 12th 2023,

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